Portmeirion is one of the most iconic places to visit in the world. If you love history, then this should be on your bucket list. We know planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our mission is to help you do that in the easiest way possible by giving you great tips on different things, including packing and budgeting.

Our aim is to provide a platform for travel lovers to help them make their dreams come true through incisive pieces on some of the most iconic places to visit. We believe every human being deserves to experience the natural and cultural wonders the planet was blessed with.

If you have been planning to visit Portmeirion in Wales, we will break down some of the things you are likely to need once there. It is one of the places on earth with a rich architectural heritage, you will need a good camera to capture some of the oldest buildings around. Even with the most basic photography skills, Portmeirion in Wales will present you with great spots to create great memories as you have fun.

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to make a good trip at least once every year. Our mission is to make your travel better by letting you know what to expect on the other end. We also believe that no one should miss to experience the enormous culture and heritage that Portmeirion boasts of.

Everything written here about the place is based on first-hand experience. If you have been wondering what to pack and what not pack during your trip to Portmeirion, check out our guide on the different activities you are likely to find there. If you are planning to be there for a few nights, we have also listed and explained some of the accommodation options and the cost to help you plan accordingly.

If you have been doubting whether a trip to Portmeirion in Wales is worth your time, we have explained some of the reasons why it should be your next holiday destination. From having fun to experiencing some of the most historical facts we read in books first hand, you won’t regret having made that decision. We keep an eye on everything new at the tourist village to ensure anyone planning to visit has the right information beforehand. While we know that planning is part of travelling, we have given great tips on how not overthink as you plan your trip to Portmeirion in Wales.

We are passionate about travelling, and our desire is to ensure anyone like us out there gets to experience the best iconic places the world has to offer. Portmeirion is one of those places. Pack up your bags and head over to Portmeirion in Wales! You won’t regret it.