Portmeirion is a famous and Italian-styled village that most people visit. It was established by Clough Williams-Ellis who took around 40 years to finish everything. The architecture in the village was based on the Mediterranean design, and the buildings have Italian style. Although Williams was conceived and born back in England, his father of Williams was Welsh. Williams made this village famous, and he also contributed a lot to design many things in South Africa, Ireland, and the UK. Hence, when you decide to explore this village, ensure you learn everything about it, including the souvenir stores, café, ice cream parlours, and restaurants.

The Celebrity Sightings

Many celebrity faces have been visiting Portmeirion for a long time now. Apart from being the setting of the Prisoner, this village played an important role when it comes to Dr Who and Cold Feet. Moreover, it has been used as a setting for videos by Supergrass, the Banshees, Siouxsie, and Iron Maiden. Therefore, if you visit the village, you are likely to meet one or two celebs there.

Hotel Portmeirion

This hotel is based on a building that existed for a long time. It was one of the picturesque structure to all the residences living in Wales, but Williams bought the building and turned it into the Hotel Portmeirion. The rooms in this hotel are amazingly comfortable and individually decorated.

Fancy Cafes and Restaurants

There are a few cafes and restaurants in Portmeirion where you can enjoy dinner downstairs. In case you wish to enjoy and get pampered with the best dishes, these cafes and restaurants are the best spots to go. Their dining rooms have a fantastic atmosphere, and the staff members are attentive to details to ensure customers are contented.

Portmeirion Lighthouse

Bad weather might be one of the running themes during road trips, but you will not experience the same if you visit Portmeirion village. However, if you still experience bad weather, you can always visit the lighthouse in Portmeirion. You can hang out around the lighthouse until the sun sets, and on your way back, you can enjoy an amazing view.

The Portmeirion Buildings

Portmeirion is an architectural village itself. It has also been the dream of Williams to come up with an Italian village. He established a few buildings around the ruins of old structures, but some of them were new. Based on history, this village was established back in 1926, and it only started with two cottages and one hotel. After a few years, more buildings that had modern designs were constructed. These buildings comprise of cafes, rental houses, and shops. Because of this, the Portmeirion village will forever remain a hotspot for tourists.

The Final Remarks

Portmeirion village is an electromagnet for tourists. Based on these details in this article, you can easily tell why. This village is packed full of amazing buildings, cafes, shops, lighthouse, and restaurants. Hence, it’s one of the tourist spots that you can visit and have fun with friends or relatives.