Portmeirion is one of the tourist villages in North Wales. It was established and designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis in 1975, but a charitable trust owns it now. The village is located two miles from Porthmadog, and has served as the location for many television shows and films.

The following are some important details about Portmeirion and why you should pay it a visit.

Historical Buildings and Architecture

Portmeirion is an inspiring location, full of wonders that range from spectacular gardens to historical buildings. Because of this, Portmeirion is a tourist hotspot.

Based on historical reports, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis incorporated Italian elements into the local architecture. Later, in 1926, Portmeirion opened its doors to newcomers who brought a Mediterranean ambience to the coastal village.

The village also adopted different styles of building construction, such as the following:

  • Italian plazas in picturesque settings
  • Open spaces
  • Riviera style
  • Ornamental gardens

On the periphery of this village lies a beautiful mansion, Castell Deudraeth, which was built on the remains of a medieval castle. Because of its imposing crenellations and Gothic façade, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis bought the building, which he turned into a hotel.

Things to Do in Portmeirion

In Portmeirion, you will find lush gardens, fantastical architecture, and winding paths for mountain hikes. Thanks to its ornate facades and elegant piazzas, Portmeirion can feel like a fairy-tale village.

Entry into the village only costs around £10, which entails a 30-minute walk through its cobblestone streets. If you want to, you can discover all the quirky details of each nook and cranny. You can also learn about some of the films that were shot on these colourful roads and the celebrities who like to frequent the area.

At lunchtime, you can grab a sumptuous roasted bap from the Caffi’r Angel or the Cafe No. 6. For a dinner date, you can enjoy a meal at the Hotel Portmeirion. And for an unforgettable lunch, try out the village’s trademark marmite cauliflower and rarebit risotto.

But don’t forget to take a local drink at the famous Hebog Café. And if you want the best collection of ales, you can consider vising Saracens Head. Both these spots are perfect places to relax with family or friends.

Snowdonia, meanwhile, is also full of adventure, but it’s important to note that many of the most fascinating spots are hidden. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, you can discover the local history of mining at the Llechwedd Slate Caverns. The caverns lie deep beneath the foothills, where intrepid travellers can descend up to 600 feet below ground.

Reasons to Visit Portmeirion

Known for its dazzling multi-coloured facades, this village is more than just a petty picture. Due to its amazing landscapes, Portmeirion has served as the location for several television series, including ‘The Prisoner.’

‘The Prisoner’ was mostly shot in the village, which provides the backdrop for its exciting storyline. In 2017, Portmeirion celebrated the 50th anniversary of the airing of the show’s first episode back in 1967.

Now, the village is a popular tourist hotspot. The manicured gardens and dense woodlands provide stunning scenery, and a micro-climate safeguards the village from frosts during the winter.

Can you imagine taking a 30-minute stroll around the famous Gwyllt Woodland? Visitors to this spectacular locale can learn about exotic plants and Himalayan trees.

The Bottom Line

Portmeirion is one of the many charming villages you can visit in Wales. It not only has numerous adventure spots, but it also boasts gorgeous historical buildings and architecture.

So when you plan your next vacation, remember to include Portmeirion on your short list.